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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Advance of Open Source

Open Source is gaining more and more popularity, and not only among developers and techically minded folks.

Apart from software development, Open Source is gaining new markets. As Nokia announced, a new web browser for its smart phones will use two components already employed by Apple Computer in its Safari Web browser for its Mac OS X operating system. Moreover,

This is not Nokia's first flirtation with the open-source software community. Last month it announced that Linux kernel developers could make use of Nokia-patented technologies under certain conditions, and said it would block the use of Nokia patents by companies that opposed use of their own patents in the Linux kernel.

And the most popular open-source product, Firefox, is continuing to increase its share of web browsers market:

Firefox's market share reached 8 percent in May, up from 7.38 percent in April, while IE's slice of the pie shrunk a bit to 87.23 percent, down 0.77 percent, according to a statement released Wednesday by, an Aliso Viejo, California, maker of applications for monitoring and measuring Web site usage... Its reach is growing beyond tech-savvy early adopters and into the mass market, according to, which compiled the data from more than 40,000 Web sites monitored by its service, which identifies among other things the type of browser visitors are using.

Hence, Open Source is no longer just for geeks but it is slowly but steadily becoming a mainstream thing.